When Jennelle McAppion had her triplet boys in 2014, she recognised the need for mums to come together and support each other to find friendship and fun through fitness and after much interest from other new mothers, she started the Canberra Mums Walking Group.
Within months of the group starting, the team began seeing the interest for other exercise activities like bootcamp and aqua fitness, and with the help of amazing mothers in the group volunteering their time, the Canberra Mums Walking Group became the Canberra Mums Exercise Group (CMEG).

What was realised was that in this short 12 months, CMEG had evolved beyond just an exercise group and instead built a community of positive empowerment and support for all mothers in Canberra and extended its reach to offering fitness challenges, healthy eating challenges and so much more. CMEG now had a team of over 50 women who were volunteering their time to run fitness events ranging from yoga and pilates, to boxing and mountain hikes, It was clear that CMEG was changing and more women from across Australia started asking for this kind of community in their towns.


In 2016, with over 5,000 mums utilising over 30 different exercise options available in locations across Canberra, CMEG evolved into Mums Exercise Group Australia (MEGA) and expanded across Australia.  

In 2017 MEGA reached over 20 Branches across Australia, 250 volunteers and nearly 20,000 mega mums.


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